Stop wasting time on YouTube. Learn how to create your professional website in just 4 hours without coding.

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Building your website has never been so easy and simple

Even if you have never built a website in your life!

This Masterclass is for all people who want to learn how to create their own website, without having to program. In 4 hours you will finally launch web site and promote what you have best to offer!


I will teach you how to register your domain, buy your hosting and install the WordPress system! Super easy!


You will learn the creative process that all professionals use, and that you can use too. I will teach you how to transform your ideas into reality.


You will learn how to build your template right on your laptop or desktop, step by step and very simple without programming!


You will publish your site and put it up for all your friends and customers to see. You will also be able to sell your products or services stress-free.


Now you can do it!

Everyone has at least 240 Minutes (4 hours) available during a week! How about using this time to learn how to create something of your own?

Your Instructor

Rodrigo Custódio has been Art Director and Web Designer for 19 years – 12 of them as a full-time entrepreneur.


He started his career in large advertising and branding agencies and, as a freelancer, has served clients in many industries in more than 17 countries including technology startups, multinational companies, celebrities, and governments. But he has also dedicated thousands of hours serving small and medium-sized businesses in several cities.

Since 2019, Rodrigo shares his knowledge through quick and accessible courses for anyone regardless of their experience or technical level.


Art Direction

18 Years

Graphic Design

22 Years

Web Design

20 Years


15 Years

Creative Direction

18 Years


15 Years

Adobe Creative

18 Years


14 Years

CMS Systems and Builders

10 Years

Education, Recognition and Experience

Data Analysis and Information Technology Process

Adventist University

São Paulo, Brazil

Graphic Design

Ashworth College

Georgia, US

Marketing and Communications


Top Awarded 1500 WorldwideGraphic Designer by DesignCrowd Community

18 Years of Experience

in Branding and Art Direction and Creative Advertising

Positive history at Multiple Agencies in South and North America

Google Marketing Certified

What you will learn

A practical and professional sequence with a simple and straight to the point teaching method.


Meeting with your client

Starting the Assessment

Analyzing answers


Brainstorm board

Colors and Pictures

Texts and Fonts


Designing the template

Adding the strategies

Setting the visual concept


Building the pages

Connecting the links

Adding functionalities


What my students say…

Real and very special testimonials from some of my students. Not to promote, but to inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals!

Amelia Notyvia

digital strategist

“I was so intimidated by web design and was desperate to find a crash course to learn it, but every resource I found was either too expensive or too overwhelming. Then I found Rodrigo and Learn240 and everything changed! He breaks everything down and makes it all make sense. It’s the perfect introductory course for beginners like me, but also insightful for those who are more experienced”

Ernest Moreno


“I, like many people, hate learning new skills. I’m that type of person that has been doing the same thing for years. Watching Rodrigo’s course was a great way to introduce me to web design because he really broke things down in a way that made sense. I finally get my website up and I don’t need to pay Fiverr for anything on my page.”

Rodolpho Santos

singer and producer

“I spend hours on Youtube every day trying to learn about web design. I read blog posts, podcasts, books, and watched tutorials – all in an effort to find the best way to build my own website. I found out Rodrigo Custodio is helping people do this by himself. He charges a small fee but he saves me hours of time doing research myself.”

Jimmy Welch


“I am a busy person and don’t have time to study the whole process of building a website. With so many options out there, I had no idea where to start. That’s why I knew Rodrigo Custodio was the right guy for the job. He has a great understanding of what is needed and knows how to help you navigate through it all.”

We Built in Less than 4 Hours!

Check below some of our projects. Great classe with students and amazing results in less than 4 hours. Learn from Senior Art Directors, Graphic Designers and Web Designers the best way to build your project fast and perfect.

Donut Shop – Landing Page

100% Custom Project – From the Idea to the completion in less than 4 hours!

Branding, Packaging and Landing Page

100% Custom Project in less than 4 hours! All three elements, ready to present.

Branding and Logo

From the Idea to the completion in less than 4 hours!

Education – Landing Page

Custom UI/UX from the Idea to the completion in less than 4 hours!

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You can go cheap on Youtube or go professional with Learn240 and get your project done right! Instead 4 hours on Netflix, I develop a new skill during the same time that will help my business immensely” 

Mike Gaggiano, Business Consultant and Learn240 Student

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